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The Boston Rob's Family Favorites Cookbook is a collection of family favorite recipes from the home of TV Reality Star and Survivor Legend, Boston Rob. Including island favorites such as coconut popcorn and crispy rice.

"I suppose most of you only think of Survivor when you think of me. But you might be surprised to know that I have had a lifelong passion and love for cooking. I grew up in a traditional Italian-American family that believed in having family dinners together. My parents both cooked and all of us participated in preparing and enjoying family meals. As far as I can remember, none of us ever complained about this. We enjoyed cooking together. Most of the time it involved a lot of kidding around; but there were plenty of meaningful, insightful conversations, too. I've never sought any professional training but I have experimented substantially to perfect my recipes. What you'll find on the following pages are our favorite dishes. I hope you enjoy them with your families as we have." - Boston Rob